Thursday, July 7, 2011

Accomodation_Part 1

Hi all..inconsistency posting is making this blog rather dull. Due to work pressure,i was unable to commit time to this blog. Remember last time I talked about the few factors that contribute to the major traveling cost? One of it is accommodation. Types of accomodation has been diverse since I came up with this concept of Sengkek traveling. Let's browse through some of the types I used when I traveled.

Well, this is the common type of cheap accommodation u can find almost everywhere..even in small towns. Price range can be as cheap as RM50 or lower. Depend on what kind of services or the level of comfort that you would like.

As for me, I like to be adventurous and tend to try my luck staying at hotels that cost really cheap. Why do I do it?ofcourse not because I'm crazy.Hehe. It's be
cause cheaper hotels do give really different environment from your normal hotel. I have once stayed at a Chinese budget hotel that is a chinese restaurant at the bottom floor, and the rooms are located at first floor. To book the hotel, I need to go to the restaurant counter to register. Then go in between people eating their food to go to the stairs leading to my room. As chaotic as it seems at ground floor, the rooms are quite peaceful and comfortable. I don't think many will try to stay at hotel like I did but I like the experience.
The Ground Floor of the Hotel

The Hotel's Signboard- Motel and Cafe KPS...(can't see the word)

The ermm..what should we call this?alleyway between rooms. Toilets are outside.

Taadaa!!The inside look of the rooms..ok fine..the picture aren't clear. This is the only photo I have inside the rooms. Inside the photo is my mom n little brother

I think most will likely identify Tune Hotel as being a budget hotel. But to my dismay, I couldn't get a really cheap rate out of Tune Hotel. Maybe just not my luck. But Tune Hotel does give a cheap rate if considering the services it give. This type of hotels falls into a different type of accommodation. There are also cheap budget hotel that offer excellent service in term of a very helpful service counter or WIFI service.

Security and safety wise, do check the location of the hotel. It is a major consideration factors when selecting your hotel. And see if the hotel offer lockers or safe box for your expensive items whether in the room itself or the hotel's counter.

What I like about this type of accommodation is it's location which always are easily accessible by both private or public transportation. You don't have to travel far with your full loads of bags to find the hotel or going to point of interest around your hotel.

To find this type of hotel is easy. Just type your destination plus budget hotel. E.g Alor Setar.budget hotel. Format I usually use to find a budget hotel. It does sound easy, right?Coz it is really easy. Hehe. I don't have any specific websites for budget hotel since most locations have it's own website to promote their hotels. Do bear in mind to check all the services offered at the respective hotels to ensure that what you expect is what you get. Sometimes, photos doesn't clearly depict whats real. So..have fun booking your budget hotel :+) be continue..............

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Yes guys and gals..I've been missing for almost two years. 2010 has been a boring year. I didn't get the chance to travel outside the country farther than Singapore. Hehe. But luckily, I got a lot of cheap airasia tickets to travel this year. Those tickets will bring me to Shenzhen (China), Bandung (Indonesia), Bintulu (Malaysia)

I've completed my first oversea trip this year which is Shenzhen. I will talked about the trip in depth later. It it quite a sengkek travel since we didn't spend a lot to the factors contributing to high travel cost.

I've also completed my second oversea trip. An unplanned trip to Surabaya which is also a sengkek travel.

Twice boarding airasia overseas made me realise something. It seems that airasia aren't that fussy about hand luggage going to the cabin. My friend even bought two bag with one of it really big camping bag.

Since then. I became more confident to bring my camping bag along inside the cabin. This will thus save our cost for luggage which usually became full due to excessive shopping.Hehe

Do wait for my latest posts for my detailed explaination about my trip to Shenzhen and Surabaya.
Sorry for keeping all my readers almost two years for an update..Sorry guys once again.. :+)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sengkek Trip to Indonesia?

I was asked earlier on by my coursemate to organise a sengkek plan to Indonesia. Indonesia is the best place for a sengkek travel. How about a trip to Bandung let's say around RM500?maybe less?

This is just an estimation but if there are people committed with this project, I don't have any problem committing myself. What we need now is a date for our flight and accomodation. I will give a rough plan as soon as possible.Hope there will be Airasia promo during that time.hehe..

Here I attach some photos of Indonesia courtesy of myself and my friend Aida.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Not So Sengkek Trip to Singapore

It was a travel to Singapore. I'm joining my Studiomate for their research project at Sungai Buloh Wetland Reserve and Singapore Botanical Garden. Im a bit disappointed though. I wanted this trip to a part of my travel sengkek concept but due to time contraint, I was not able to properly planned a the whole trip.

But it is still quite a cheap trip considering the fact that the whole trip cover the whole of Singapore in only 3days 2night. In this post, I will discuss why the plan didn't fall under the category of 'Travel Sengkek' .

First factor

Accomodation. For me the RM115 per person for 2 night cost a bomb! I'm not criticising the person who book the hotel. The hotel is really cheap considering the price of rm115 and the level of comfort are great. But to embrace the concept of 'Travel Sengkek', I need to cut more budget from accomodation. My earlier plan was to find a cheap hotel or hostel which cost around just RM50 per night. I even found a hotel with only RM35-40. Imagine that? With that in mind, we would have saved over half the original cost for accomodation.

Second factor

Transport. Another factor which always add up to the overall budget of a trip. But in this trip, our plan are great. Due to the fact that we have our own transport and the places we planned to visit provide cheap parking, we decided to drove our car to Singapore.

This the gateway to Singapore which is the new Woodland Complex in Singapore. Its a nice and modern building challenged only by its neighbour new building ( Semangat Malaysia Boleh!! Hehe ).

But I would suggest not to go to Singapore via the Second Link. The price are outrageously high compared to Causeway Link. Almost triple the price and also dont forget that the Second Link are located way far from any major attraction.

With this I attached some advice if you want to bring your own transport to Singapore :
1. Bring alot of extra money.
2. You will need to register your car 1st if this is your 1st time bringing your car to Singapore. They will also asked you to register for a card which function similarly as a Touch n Go card.
3. Please topup this card accordingly. You will use this card to enter Singapore (Toll) and also their parking fees. Don't be so cheap to top this card or you will be in a lot of trouble. Remember, Singapore is a 'fine' city. We ourselves were fined 2times because of this card
4. Bringing your own car to Singapore is a luxury but also troublesome. Please adhere all their rules.
5. Bring a GPS. It helps alot
6. Have a full tank. Fuel there are expensive compared to Malaysia.

Oh! I forgotten to tell you that it cost me rm70 for my return trip to Johor.

Third Factor

Food. We saved alot here. Makesure you eat in Johor and bring only a few bread for rations. But in our case, our supply arent enough. So our stomach ache miserably. Hehe.


In short, only the accomodation that spoiled the plan of becoming a 'Travel Sengkek' travel plan. But we had a lot of great time together. I compiled with this post a few pictures courtesy of Muhidzan. Enjoy..

Our first visit. Sungai Buloh Wetland Reserve. A great example of a very highly maintained park by Singapore Authority.

Me and my studiomate. I'm not the only male though. The photographer is Muhidzan. Don't worry. We're both normal male.hehe.

Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo is a great place to visit. See that the animals are not caged but rather roamed free inside their respective habitat.

A video of the animals inside the Zoo.

Singapore Botanical Garden

Post Hold Up

I regret to say that i'm in a period of transition of adjusting to my new office. Since I got so many things to do, I was not able to concentrate to post my previous and also future Travel Sengkek Plan..

I am currently struggling to finish my 3months program at ILPBT Morib. So no traveling for the time being except for the one planned by ILPBT.But I do have 1 crazy plan of doing a Travel Sengkek plan to Bangkok.I will discuss this matter further afterword.

I'm sorry to dissappoint everyone but I will try my best to update this blog.Thank you.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Traveling in Sengkek Style

Its been month since i've plan to open a blog based on so many of my trips which are using the concept of traveling in Sengkek. I hope that by opening this blog, i can help people understand the concept of minimizing their cost of traveling and to show that anyone can travel. I hope that people reading this blog will support my idea and help me to create a community of travel sengkek traveler. Cheers!!