Thursday, July 7, 2011

Accomodation_Part 1

Hi all..inconsistency posting is making this blog rather dull. Due to work pressure,i was unable to commit time to this blog. Remember last time I talked about the few factors that contribute to the major traveling cost? One of it is accommodation. Types of accomodation has been diverse since I came up with this concept of Sengkek traveling. Let's browse through some of the types I used when I traveled.

Well, this is the common type of cheap accommodation u can find almost everywhere..even in small towns. Price range can be as cheap as RM50 or lower. Depend on what kind of services or the level of comfort that you would like.

As for me, I like to be adventurous and tend to try my luck staying at hotels that cost really cheap. Why do I do it?ofcourse not because I'm crazy.Hehe. It's be
cause cheaper hotels do give really different environment from your normal hotel. I have once stayed at a Chinese budget hotel that is a chinese restaurant at the bottom floor, and the rooms are located at first floor. To book the hotel, I need to go to the restaurant counter to register. Then go in between people eating their food to go to the stairs leading to my room. As chaotic as it seems at ground floor, the rooms are quite peaceful and comfortable. I don't think many will try to stay at hotel like I did but I like the experience.
The Ground Floor of the Hotel

The Hotel's Signboard- Motel and Cafe KPS...(can't see the word)

The ermm..what should we call this?alleyway between rooms. Toilets are outside.

Taadaa!!The inside look of the rooms..ok fine..the picture aren't clear. This is the only photo I have inside the rooms. Inside the photo is my mom n little brother

I think most will likely identify Tune Hotel as being a budget hotel. But to my dismay, I couldn't get a really cheap rate out of Tune Hotel. Maybe just not my luck. But Tune Hotel does give a cheap rate if considering the services it give. This type of hotels falls into a different type of accommodation. There are also cheap budget hotel that offer excellent service in term of a very helpful service counter or WIFI service.

Security and safety wise, do check the location of the hotel. It is a major consideration factors when selecting your hotel. And see if the hotel offer lockers or safe box for your expensive items whether in the room itself or the hotel's counter.

What I like about this type of accommodation is it's location which always are easily accessible by both private or public transportation. You don't have to travel far with your full loads of bags to find the hotel or going to point of interest around your hotel.

To find this type of hotel is easy. Just type your destination plus budget hotel. E.g Alor Setar.budget hotel. Format I usually use to find a budget hotel. It does sound easy, right?Coz it is really easy. Hehe. I don't have any specific websites for budget hotel since most locations have it's own website to promote their hotels. Do bear in mind to check all the services offered at the respective hotels to ensure that what you expect is what you get. Sometimes, photos doesn't clearly depict whats real. So..have fun booking your budget hotel :+) be continue..............

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